Project P.I.T.O. is an environmental initiative created to combat the trash issues we encounter while flying our aircraft and quads in public and private locations as well as encouraging recycling of working and broken parts, electronics ,scrap plastic and shipping materials accumulated while enjoying this hobby.

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Poll: Do you clean up trash in areas you fly?
November 22, 2018
Do you clean up trash in areas you fly?

Awesome guys keep up the good work!

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Quite recently I chose to wander from the limits of my home to a nearby games park to chip away at cutting edge moves with my quadcopter in the vast open regions of the ball precious stones. As I arrived, I was quickly stunned at the measure of junk that was available as I moved up to my picked territory, leftovers deserted by youngsters and guardians with little worry for a recreation center they have free utilization of. 

From that point of view Project P.I.T.O. (Props In, Trash Out) appeared and is in its earliest stages with the expectation that others will take up the undertaking in their territories and spread the mission of Project P.I.T.O.

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