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Hi folks,  So I'm totally new to this hobby and I'm already addicted! Lol I've been crashing. .er.. flying for the last 4 months, started with Flite Test planes, love building stuff so these were perfect for me. Because I was laid up with a broken back I had a lot of free time, which was spent watching YouTube, there I met Le Drib, Umagawd, Mr Steele, Botgrinder and fell in love with quads! So I bought a zmr250, built it and a pair of eachine e600's and away I went. I then bought a Flite Test Gremlin and broke my zmr250 so bought new bits for that and and and and.... etc lmao I'm lucky enough to have a field right outside my front door that the farmer lets me fly in. I have joined a local group that had monthly meetings and found some flying buddies through that. So it's all good!    YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpoDAvkcN7L98UusgbkLwPg   If your in the Cheshire, Staffordshire area then check out Drone Circle our little flying group... Drone Circle: https://www.facebook.com/groups/175542483316236/   Cheers Folks and I'll see you in the skies! ߤذߘ
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The Maine Drone Society is a gathering of business and innovation experts, specialists, designers, pilots and craftsmen all devoted to learning and trying different things with automatons ashore, noticeable all around or in the water.
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Welcome individual CR's, I simply found this site and I'm exceptionally inspired. I've never gone along with anything like this (I've never had motivation to) yet I feel cheerful in this could be the ideal mode for some magnificent dialog and discussion with similar oddities as myself. Stephen King has had such a persuasive (just as close to home) sway on my life in such a significant number of ways that I presently feel the time has come to impart that effect to a couple folken that will (ideally) have the capacity to relate. To start with, I need to pre-apologize in the event that I make any blunders in configuration as I am absolutely new to this, so sad