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FPV Drone Introduction FPV Drone originated from European and American countries. It belongs to a small branch of aeromodelling. The unique first-person perspective and control feeling make the cross-machine gradually fire. Many people around the world are already playing. If you want to say what it feels like, it's like flying a plane yourself!   The gameplay of the FPV Drone is also more diverse: FreeStyle, Racing, Competitive Match, Aerial Photography。     ▲Racing     ▲FreeStyle     ▲Aerial Photography     ▲Competitive Match It is precisely because of more and more tricks that everyone loves this competitive sport. ߓFPV Drone Introduction Components of a completeׂ fpv drone "Ɠ↓↓ Frame and Frame parts, motor, flight control,ESC Paddle ,antenna ,camera Video Transmission, Battery ,Receiver Balance Charge ,Remote Control, FPV Glasses   But,For beginner's who just wants to play simply after entering the group。Like camera, FPV glasses,Receiver, 5.8G image transmission antenna。These can save costs,No need to buy for now, save the strength of the wallet first. Because when beginner's start,Must be familiar with the operation first,Buy those things later. ߓFPV Drone Classification Before entering the group,Theׂbeginner'smust first know the classification of thefpv drone/܌In order to find the right model for you. A. Outdoor FPV Drone Mainly between 180-300 wheelbase,It ’s also a real rider.The videos you usually see are basically done by them,This is also one of the most played by everyone.   The Beginner**'**s does not recommend directly entering the group,It is recommended to familiarize yourself with this drone later. After all, it is relatively dangerous.Please be careful not to bump into people,Very dangerous, please play in a place with few people! Please see @ 慢 点 视频 Dangerous video of testing a 185 km / h FPV drone: ↓↓     The power composition is generally,2204 ~ 2405 motor, 4s-6s battery。The overall price of the whole drone is between 142 ~ 285. Powerful, stable feel。This is what I can do,The only thing I can’t do is it ’s hard to fly indoors,There are also great player flying indoors. B. Indoor FPV Drone The wheelbase of the indoor fpv drone is mainly between 65 wheelbase and 100 wheelbase。It is a palm-sized, powerful or powerful model。 It is also the first choice for many newcomers, after all, the price is cheap,Power of 65 ~ 100 wheelbase models   There are two types: Brushless and Whoop Drone.   The main advantages of Whoop Drone are cheap and power saving Basically it's around $ 29 ~ 57,The hollow cup feels very good in the first 30 seconds。After this time, the power will reach a weakened area,The motivation is getting worse. Many fpv beginner will make a mistake,It is greedy cheap, which leads to a poor experience. The Whoop Drone is suitable for flying friends who want to get into the group but are really short of money. The brushless indoor unit is,Technological innovation,The rise of small motors。0603-0703-0705-0802 type motor,There are a lot of such motors。It's an indoor artifact! Strong power, good feel, fast response, stable output。 Are the advantages of Micro brushless fpv drone,The disadvantage is that it is expensive,Prices are generally around $ 70 to $ 100. Micro brushless fpv drone Has the feel of a 5 inches fpv drone,Indoor play and entry rides,Really a good choice。 Although slightly more expensive, But expensive makes sense。 C. Indoor and outdoor fpv drone Indoor and outdoor fpv drone is mainly between 100-140 wheelbase。It is slightly larger than the hand and has a very strong power,Is a very good choice。Feels much better than indoor units,Comparing with mainstream drone feel。 It ’s very good to practice your hands, to be familiar with fpv drone, and to visit Plaza Park. The total price is around $ 85 ~ 185.   But flying friends should also pay attention when flying indoors,It is best to fly in a relatively large indoor environment。And pay attention to the indoor crowd。Don't look small,The power is not inferior to the outdoor fpv drone. ߓFPV DroneׂChoice "֠ Indoor Brushless FPV Drone I think it ’s beginner‘s,Can start with an indoor brushless drone。 The small brushless interior has Compared to the feel of a 5 inches fpv drone,Indoor play and entry rides,It is really a very good choice. Although the hollow cup is also cheap,But the longer you play, the less you can keep up,As a result, the sense of experience is reduced. Of course,If life is more difficult,Don't even think about starting with a whoop drone. Do not start directly with a 5-inch drone or indoor and outdoor drone。 Still thinking about security,After all, hurting your body is a lifetime. ■ Simple installation and clear structure In addition,Fpv beginner’s into the group, I also recommend the simple installation of the drone。And the inner structure inside the roof can be seen clearly.This drone is still very friendly to beginner‘s.Eliminate unnecessary trouble.   In the two months after I entered the group,You can directly purchase the whole drone that can fly by hand.After one or two months,You can start DIY yourself. Do not DIY through the fpv, you have lost your soul ~ ߓFPV Drone Tool If you want to DIY, some tools are essential. Allen wrenchׯ܌screwdriver,Screw Aluminum Post Hardware Replacement,pliers,iron,solder,XT60 connector male and female,3mm heat shrinkable, suitable for small wires,6mm heat shrinkable, suitable for large wires and antennas。 If you need to shrink the antenna again, use a 16 mm or 20 mm heat shrink tube,Zipper chain / double-sided tape / Electrical tape.... ߓQAׂfor FPV Drone Q: Do you have to buy glasses when you start playing? A: Not necessarily. Novices can start from the screen and then advance to glasses. They can also start flying from a third perspective. Q: Novices buy HandFly or buy parts for assembly themselves? A: If you have never touched this one, it is recommended to buy hand-flight, and then familiarize yourself with the assembly of parts; and you have a strong ability to do it yourself, and you also have flying friends to teach, you can directly buy parts DIY. Finally, I wish the flying friends happy to engage in the fpv drone and never bomb it!
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Hello fellow pilots! I am new to FPV and could use some help setting up all my gear. Heres a list of my gear, Dingo 6 Fully built from SabatageRC Frsky skyzone 02x FPV goggles Taranis Q x7 remote
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Honestly best way to learn is Youtube videos check out my build playlists my CHANNEL is edrone also check out another channel called project blue falcon his taranis playlist is phenomenal hope this helps 
Many Beginner’s cabe preguntar should I buy FPV glasses in the beginning? I wants to tell you is: Not necessarily! Beginner can start from the screen and progress to glasses。You can also start flying from a third perspective. Because the first angle of view is played through the aircraft, you can use the screen or the third angle of flight in the early stage. After that, if you don’t wear FPV glasses to play, you will lose the joy of fpv drone. Let's get back to the topic, what exactly is FPV glasses?   FPV glasses introduction   It is to provide flying friends with an immersive flight experience and make them feel like they are on an airplane.   That's why it's called FPV first person perspective.   The signal transmission path of image transmission is: image transmission transmitting module on the aircraft> image transmission transmitting antenna> image transmission receiving module> glasses body.   Glasses body   It is responsible for displaying the signals from the aircraft, that is, displaying the signals received by the receiving module on a small screen in front of your eyes.   Secondly, it is responsible for adjusting display effects, such as brightness, contrast, and color.   5.8G signal receiving module + antenna   It is a key component of the image transmission receiving end.Some glasses will come with them, and some will be bought separately.   Image transmission antenna   One is a mushroom antenna, which is round and mainly receives surround signals. That is to say, the plane can basically receive the image transmission signal. (The worst signal is in the airspace above the mushroom antenna)   One is a flat-panel antenna, which mainly receives the image transmission signals in the airspace facing the direction of the flat plate (the worst part of the signal is the airspace in the direction of the non-front-facing plate).     The separate image transmission receiving module uses two kinds of antennas at the same time, to cover the airspace as much as possible. So generally better glasses use two antennas. In this way, the receiving module will automatically select and switch between two antennas with better quality signal sources at any time. There is a small Tips: Spend money on the image transmission receiving module! !!     FPV glasses have one or two screens (depending on the type), which can display the real-time video of the aircraft during flight. Wearing glasses is easier to avoid obstacles than the third-view operation.     FPV glasses are not considered VR glasses because they do not have the immersive feel of VR glasses.     In addition, the FPV glasses are considered to be in the crossing machine, so there is no need to update and replace so diligently.   A pair of glasses can be used for a long time, which is a very durable set.   Picture quality and field of view of FPV glasses   Beginner‘s may have played with a friend's FPV glasses, saying that the quality of the glasses is so unclear.   Snowflake screen, spend thousands of yuan to buy a snowflake screen! !! Nothing looks like high-end goods!   In fact, in order to pursue speed, the ride-through machine abandoned the image quality. Due to the current FPV camera resolution and the limitation of the 5.8Ghz image transmission antenna, we may not be able to obtain high-definition image quality.   This is why everyone should hang GoPro or buy a card to record. If you do not do this, you will not be able to shoot high-definition video.   In addition, the video images displayed by the glasses have two common aspect ratios, 16: 9 and 4: 3.     Image distortion occurs when you use mismatched aspect ratios on FPV cameras and glasses.   ↓↓↓   When using with 16: 9 glasses and 4: 3 camera, the image will be stretched;   When using a 16: 9 camera and 4: 3 glasses, the image is squashed.   In terms of the field of view of FPV glasses, for example, when using 35-degree FOV in FPV goggles, the screen edge makes a 35-degree angle with the center of the eye. The larger the FOV, the more immersive the image.     But when the FOV becomes too large, it can be counterproductive. The image may be too large and you need to open your eyes more to focus on different parts of the screen.     If the 4: 3 ratio glasses, and 16: 9 widescreen ratio glasses, have the same FOV.   This is amazing, with a 4: 3 screen, it will also look bigger.   FPV glasses interpupillary distance adjustment   IPD refers to measuring the distance between the pupil centers of two eyes。     Generally, the glasses have an interpupillary distance adjustment. When the lever is toggled, the lenses in the glasses are also moving. This is a very user-friendly function.   Myopia friends may ask, can I wear these glasses?   Definitely!     Usually buying glasses will come with a separate myopia lens, you can install the lens to the lens position in the glasses.   However, some people say that such myopia lenses are not so accurate and will have a little impact.   You can also wear your own contact lenses, or you can find an owner who wears the glasses and specializes in a myopia lens.     Other characteristics of FPV glasses   FPV glasses may have modules for external video receivers and even built-in video receivers. The receiver module is designed for different purposes, such as remote 1.2Ghz support, diversity and different 5.8Ghz channel support, etc.     Built-in DVR   DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder and has DVR to record flight video on Micro SD card.   HDMI input   Allows you to connect the glasses as a monitor to a computer for watching movies or practicing with an FPV simulator; you can use it for HD FPV systems, such as Connex Prosight!   3D support   Allows you to use a 3D FPV camera / transmitter system   Audio output   Some people like to fly with audio. Audio allows you to connect more with the drone. Many glasses can provide this function through the headphone jack on the side.     Anti-fog fan   When your glasses are foggy in a dark and humid place, many glasses are equipped with a fan to remove the fog.   Glasses appearance color   Colors are mainly personal preferences.   FPV glasses cost-effective   As many people have said, the fat shark's glasses can be regarded as the "Apple" in the FPV glasses industry. Low cost performance and high premium. However, the fat shark looks outrageous and is suitable for the long and thin face of Europeans and Americans. Many domestic and foreign pilots are using it.   SkyZone is quite cost-effective. The 02X that comes out, the price / performance ratio is between It's between FPV blinders and SkyZone 03. However, it will give you a feeling that you always feel worse.   For flying friends with limited budget, FPV eye mask is the first choice.   An FPV eye mask is only a few hundred dollars, which is very friendly to flying friends with limited budgets.   emmm ... Anyway, the glasses that pass through the machine are so chosen!