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Greeting from the Queen City, land of fly pigs and many ways of chili. Midlife crisis pilot with about 10 months of kwad flying under my belt. I fly 3" or less and mostly proximity freestyle around my large tree filled yard but hope to eventually find others on my side of town (Eastfork region) to fly with. Co-founder of Project PITO  (Props In, Trash Out), an environmental initiative created to combat the trash issues we encounter while flying our aircraft and quads in public and private locations as well as encouraging recycling of working and broken parts, electronics ,scrap plastic and shipping materials accumulated while enjoying this hobby.
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The expression is evidently gotten from a centuries-old Scottish adage, however some different references to pigs flying or pigs with wings are increasingly well known. No less than one shows up in progress of Lewis Carroll: ... He at times included a picture of a flying pig, called "Pigasus"
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Aloha guys 'n galls, I'm a reasonable old dog just turned 50 this year. Living in the deepest south of Holland. With an addiction for speed. So was very into trackdays with a lightly modified car. But trackdays are risky business and when my brother inlaw started with this FPV thing it didn't took long before the first quad was bought. To make a long story short... Been busy now for about the short side of 4 years. Did one race, cause that addiction for speed still there. Got a fleet of quads now, a few wings for FPV still on the workbench and a whole lot of FPV gear. Well thats about it, take care and fly fast or go homeߘ MobyFPV
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Presently look what DHL conveyed at my doorstep . .... Haven't flown the tinywhoop in a while, overlooked how fun it was. ... since is was getting the vibe for the new rates, yet hello, any day flying is a decent day, right .
hi new to this site but been in RC stuff for 5 years almost and fpv for 6 mouths. I love good looking radios with decals or paint jobs have a small youtube under Kazuma Drewsin
Hello there I'm WyreFPV from the UK - FPV Pilot registration - Hi people, So I'm absolutely new to this side interest and I'm as of now dependent! Lol I've been smashing.
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Hi folks,  So I'm totally new to this hobby and I'm already addicted! Lol I've been crashing. .er.. flying for the last 4 months, started with Flite Test planes, love building stuff so these were perfect for me. Because I was laid up with a broken back I had a lot of free time, which was spent watching YouTube, there I met Le Drib, Umagawd, Mr Steele, Botgrinder and fell in love with quads! So I bought a zmr250, built it and a pair of eachine e600's and away I went. I then bought a Flite Test Gremlin and broke my zmr250 so bought new bits for that and and and and.... etc lmao I'm lucky enough to have a field right outside my front door that the farmer lets me fly in. I have joined a local group that had monthly meetings and found some flying buddies through that. So it's all good!    YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpoDAvkcN7L98UusgbkLwPg   If your in the Cheshire, Staffordshire area then check out Drone Circle our little flying group... Drone Circle: https://www.facebook.com/groups/175542483316236/   Cheers Folks and I'll see you in the skies! ߤذߘ
Welcome to the forum i'm Mattie FPV and Flying FPV for almost 8 years living in the Netherlands. II Starte FPVBook.com because my timeline on Facebook was all about FPV and saw no posts of my friends anymore lol. I Hope you like this FPV social network platform and tell all your FPV friends about us! If you have questions or have ideas for our platform, please dont hesitate to reply on this thread!
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Bit about me I was born and raised in Puerto Rico came to the US when I was 10 I am 25 now in Tulsa Oklahoma and  just loving fpv every sec every min every hour every day haha  ߤذߏܰߘΰߤذߏ